Executive Search & Recruitment


match recruitment® is a Jakarta-based Executive Search & Recruitment firm.  It is founded with a mission, that we chose to accept: To assist corporations fulfilling their human capital need, and advancing careers of talented professionals in Indonesia.


As the businesses in Indonesia grow, so do the need for talented professionals in major business sectors.  Competition for talents can be fierce, some sectors more than others. Understanding that a company is only as strong as the people who support it, makes having the right person in the right job in a timely manner more and more critical.  This is one of the key competitive advantages that could affect a company’s success, present and future.  Therefore efficient manpower recruitment cannot be overlooked.


We understand this, hence our tagline “right person right job”. This is not mere words for us because we truly care and understand the importance of, not only, competence & skill matching, but also personality & cultural matching between parties.  This is our DNA


Let us assist you to win the war on talents!


match recruitment® is a registered business trade of PT. Jasatama Prakarsa Sejahtera.